Do you have map styles that show street/neighbourhood names?

The « Funky » and « Old School » styles display the names of major cities and water points and the styles and « Whaam! « display the names of major cities. Unfortunately, no map style includes a street name because too much data kills the aesthetics of the map!

I don’t know what kind of map to choose… can I get some help?

For a Scandinavian design, refined, elegant and modern, choose the « Classic » model or one of its colourful variants. For a map with a realistic rendering you can choose one of our « Outdoor » models. Depending on the landscape you wanted to represent on your poster, you can choose between its two variants. « Outdoor Summer » immerses you […]

I want to create a really special and personalised poster, any advice?

Start by choosing a place that is representative of a strong and important moment in your life. You can then write a personalised message instead of or in addition to the text if you wish and even import an image into the text box! Choose one of the predefined map templates and customize its colors […]

What style would be best for an outdoor experience?

Outdoor experiences and adventures have some styles that suit them best. The « Outdoor Summer » model allows you to see the relief of the ground on which you were standing. The style is similar to satellite images, very suitable for natural green environments. The « Funky » model is its little sister a little extravagant, the rendering is […]

Which map model is best suited for integrating a gps track?

All our map models have an excellent rendering when inserting a GPS track. However, it is true that you will surely have to adapt the colour of the drawing with the colour chart according to the chosen model so that it stands out as best as possible. It is up to you to adapt the […]