I don’t know what kind of map to choose… can I get some help?

For a Scandinavian design, refined, elegant and modern, choose the « Classic » model or one of its colourful variants.

For a map with a realistic rendering you can choose one of our « Outdoor » models. Depending on the landscape you wanted to represent on your poster, you can choose between its two variants. « Outdoor Summer » immerses you in an ultra-realistic colourful universe where you will find trees, nature and of course the reliefs. « Outdoor Winter » was created to represent snowy environments, it plunges you into a magical blue universe where the mountain is queen.

The « Funky » model is the right balance between realism and extravagance. Its flashy colours highlight the beauty of the place you have chosen, whether by the sea, in the middle of a city or in the middle of nature.

For the more extravagant styles, you will find the « Old School » map that allows you to take a step back in time or the « Whaaam! ».

All our map styles are compatible with GPS plotting in.GPX format. It’s up to you!