Customization help

Can I customize the colors of the map?

Depending on the map models, you can go so far as to customize the main data of the map: water, road and bottom of the map by adding the hexadecimal code of the color you want or by using our color chart. Otherwise you can choose one of the color sets we have developed for […]

Can I customize the text on the map?

Of course, of course! It is even made for that. By default, the text that will appear is the name of the chosen city and subtitles its geographical coordinates. You can also add additional text to add your personal touch..

Do you have map styles that show street/neighbourhood names?

The « Funky » and « Old School » styles display the names of major cities and water points and the styles and « Whaam! « display the names of major cities. Unfortunately, no map style includes a street name because too much data kills the aesthetics of the map!

I want to create a really special and personalised poster, any advice?

Start by choosing a place that is representative of a strong and important moment in your life. You can then write a personalised message instead of or in addition to the text if you wish and even import an image into the text box! Choose one of the predefined map templates and customize its colors […]

Why doesn’t the default text on my map match the city?

Have you imported a GPS track? If this is the case, don’t worry, our tool, as sophisticated as possible, still has its limits. Since a GPS track is not a precise place but a set of places linked together by their data, our tool cannot offer you a city name. You can change it very […]