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Visit Santiago from your geographical poster

Are you going to travel to Chile, to Santiago, its capital? Have you already planned your trip? When you return, share your memories in a map poster of Santiago. You can customize it by choosing the style, adding a legend and typography, format and support. In a few clicks, you will obtain a unique and stylish object for your holiday. What do you think of that?


Santiago, more than just a stopover!

Before starting your visits, come and admire the expanse of the city from the Cerro San Cristóbal summit. Then, go to the heart of the Plaza de Armas to discover the Metropolitana Cathedral, its various art and history museums. If you are looking for a festive and lively place, head for the Bellavista district, which is representative of street art and nightlife through its bars and discos. You think you’ve seen everything? Don’t get me wrong, you still have countless places to visit. Don’t forget to order your map poster when you return.