Affiche Design Courchevel


  • orientation Portrait
  • Dimensions 50x70cm
  • Type de support Papier
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Personalize the map


Are you a winter or summer sports enthusiast who has never thought of printing your holiday memories on a map? We do it for you! Customize your card by choosing a style, type, format and support, in no time you will get a unique object! This will be used in your wall decoration objects. A beautiful resort such as Courchevel deserves to be supervised. Don’t you think so?

Your card to the 6 universes!

A resort nestled in the heart of the Alps on the heights of the Tarentaise valley, Courchevel and its 6 villages are linked by lifts that offer a resort at the foot of the slopes. Heading to the first village, Saint Bon, it is here that the Courchevel adventure began with the construction of the resort’s first hotel. Discover a place steeped in history, the typical alleys of a mountain village and a magnificent panorama of the valley. Head for the sports part in Courchevel le Praz, known for its Olympic jumps, holidaymakers and residents share unique moments all year round. Then continue to Courchevel village, the heart of the resort in a family spirit. Courchevel Moriond, the sunniest part of the ski area, ideal for families, beginners and aftersnowers. Later in the evening, come and discover the exceptional world of Courchevel 1850, through gastronomy and celebration. The same excellence shines in this part of the village, luxury hotel, typical chalets… Finish with Courchevel la tania, a small village nestled in the heart of the forest, ideal for snowshoeing or sledging.

Carte Design de Courchevel

Nos cartes personnalisées sont tellement durables que vos arrière-petits-enfants pourront en hériter…

… ou presque ! Lieux, tracés GPS, marqueurs, textes, typos, formats, supports, couleurs…

… à votre image. Ramenez chez vous les lieux et moments importants qui ont marqué votre vie.