Celebrate Love! ❤

You want to mark the occasion of Valentine’s Day ?

Make her happy by giving her a personalized poster of your meeting place. A special gift for someone special and dear to your heart. If you are single, that special someone can be you, so treat yourself.

Delivery is free and if you order before February 7th, you are sure to have your personalized poster for Valentine’s Day!

saint valentin
saint valentin

Create and print
a personalized poster

To dress your walls with your most beautiful memories

  • Print on a poster the places and important moments that have marked your life
  • Custom poster in premium finish: High Quality Paper 200mg, Alu-Dibond
  • Search for the location of your choice, customize your map and we will take care of the rest

Quick and easy creation | Free delivery

FROM 25€

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100% customizable map posters

Geographic maps
100% customizable

Why create a personalized poster?

Memory of a trail

Immortalize a memory

Create your own poster of the place that holds a special place in your life !
Frame your fondest memories or offer this emotion to your loved ones.

create a unique decorative object

Create a unique decorative object

Decorate the interior of your home with a place that is dear to you. Whether it’s your marathon record or your last vacation, display what makes you tick on a Mapdesign map.

Personalized card gift

Give a unique gift

Out of ideas for a birthday and want to offer a special present to that person? Original and unique, a personalized card will be the perfect gift.

testimonial marie grenoble

“The order is quick to make, the site is intuitive and practical. I ordered this poster for a gift, the person who received it is delighted with the result! ❤️ “

Mary, Paris

Father's Day card

“Just too good a gift idea. I was able to make different posters for each person I wanted to give it to without worrying.”

Thierry and Jacqueline, Grenoble

testimonial anais la rochelle

“I found MapDesign via instagram! I was looking for a map of my city and the quality/price level is great. Good idea for decoration and gift”

Anais, La Rochelle

testimonial barbara nevers

“Beautiful rendering and problem-free delivery. Thank you.”

Barbara, Nevers

Customized posters made by our customers

Personalized card idea
Personalized card idea
paris marathon poster
Poster Mapdesign
poster monaco
poster chili
poster croatie

Are you ready to use our configurator? Let's go !


Quick and easy creation | Free delivery

FROM 25€

The decorative poster that you can create yourself

create your map

Create your

Specify a location, choose a style and media type and you’re good to go.
Design your card in 3 steps and 5 minutes.

choose size and support

Choose the size
and the support

Many sizes and supports available ! Vary the pleasures and design a decorative wall displaying the places that are dear to you.

place an order

Pass your

Choose your preferred method of payment and delivery to receive your poster as soon as possible.

high quality printing

high quality

We offer only high quality materials that are durable and will make your card a true work of art.

delivery in different countries

Delivery of
your poster

Thanks to the electronic tracking of your package, you can consult in real time the status of your order and will be informed of the day of your delivery.

The little + of a personalized poster



Frame what matters to you with inspiring Scandinavian designed posters. For you or your loved ones, Mapdesign allows you to create personalized posters that will make you smile every day.

interesting prices

Interesting prices

The year 2020 has taught us that you should always be careful with your budget for unexpected events that can change everything. A customized product? Yes, but not at exorbitant prices! The starting price of the posters starts at 25 euros for the PDF. The price depends only on the choice of the support and the format, the other personalizations are offered to you.

handmade production

Artisanal manufacture

The handmade nature of these posters adds another touch of authenticity to your cards. This is a unique process that takes time, resources and impacts the delivery time of these posters.

easy to use

Easy to use

Your partner’s birthday is coming up and you still haven’t found anything ? Mapdesign posters meet your needs by allowing you to create the gift from home, without moving. With the intuitive design tool, your posters are ready in minutes.

free delivery

Free delivery

We are pleased to offer standard delivery of our posters (7 to 10 business days). If you wish to opt for express delivery (3-5 working days), it is available at 6 euros.

secure payment

Secure payment

The payment on our website is secure. We accept (almost) all types of credit cards and Paypal.

Create your personalized poster in a few minutes

personalized poster

FROM 25€

No need to move

We are pleased to offer standard delivery of our posters (7 to 10 business days). If you wish to opt for express delivery (3-5 working days), it is available at 6 euros.

Last minute gift idea

When you are in lack of gift ideas, Mapdesign posters can save you ! Think of the PDF poster as a last minute gift idea !

Ideal for athletes

Import the .gpx GPS track of your sport event and customize the map!

Quick and easy creation | Free delivery

Mapdesign custom posters


Personalized posters are original gifts that allow you to decorate an interior while arousing a particular emotion. Le poster peut représenter le souvenir d’un moment unique passé avec la personne à qui l’on souhaite l’offrir. Here are some ideas for choosing the perfect poster to give away!

The original posters allow to decorate an interior while arousing a particular emotion. The poster can represent the memory of a unique moment spent with the person to whom it is offered.

To print a custom poster, you must first choose its layout. Then, we decide on the place to be printed and the text which will be used as legend. It can be a text that recalls a special emotion to decorate its interior with originality.

The first question to ask is: horizontal poster (landscape format) or vertical poster (portrait format) ? Horizontal posters can represent some cities or capitals that have marked you and that stretch from east to west, London for example!

The poster can be printed in several sizes: 30x40cm, 50X70 cm and 70 X 100 cm. Several small formats can fill an entire wall. It can be all the capitals you have visited or all the marathons you have participated in.

Personalized posters are available on several materials such as glossy, matte or satin photo paper. If you have light, bright colors in mind for your poster, the semi-matte varnish is perfect. If you want a poster with a matte finish, the satin protective coat is suitable. To get a high quality print on your custom poster, use the high quality paper from our selection.

It is an art to please and it is sometimes a real headache to find an original and emotional idea.

These personalized posters are stylish gifts for your co-workers or boss, especially if the location depicted is related to a specific activity that took place within the company, such as the creation of a new outlet. They can also represent your company’s image by decorating the office or lobby with a unique poster that references your company.

Finding an end-of-year gift to thank your child’s teacher can also be a daunting task. Which poster to choose for her? Remember, a personalized poster is a gift that should truly represent something unique so why not center it around your neighborhood or even the school itself?

No, it’s not complicated at all and all you need is a custom poster in mind to create your artwork.

All you have to do is choose the poster format you want (horizontal or vertical) and then choose a prominent place you want to immortalize. The personalized poster can be a real gift full of emotion, so why deprive yourself?

  • A GPS track to indicate a route, a path
  • A marker or markers to indicate specific locations
  • Colors so that the poster is in harmony with your interior decoration
  • Different supports depending on your budget and the place where it will be exposed (indoor / outdoor)
  • Different scripts to write the map legend

To conclude, a personalized poster is an object that bears the mark of your emotion, so why not create your own without delay?