about us

About us

The birth of Mapdesign… 

Our team gathered around a table to discuss in a lively way what gift we would give to our customers this year. Wine, chocolates, pens or even mouse pads with our logo on them… All are good ideas but we were not satisfied with these classic and little thoughtful gifts, “the easy solution”, some would even say. We then dug and dug until we came across the idea of a personalized map poster for our customers. An idea that seems simple to some, a feeling of having found the Holy Grail for us. Proud of us, it was now time to design these maps. Everyone got involved: “Which colour to choose?” “A map, yes, but from where?” “Should we buy a frame to display it? “Can the logo be added? »

The excitement of the design of the map and the sheer number of choices to do so prompted us to create some for ourselves as well.  One of us was trying to find the place where he had trekked in a Cambodian forest, another told us that he had made a map for his wife’s wedding gift with the place where he had asked her for her hand a third person told us he found them extremely design and simply wanted a product like that for his interior decoration. When we placed the order, we made something striking, a single idea could give rise to an unthinkable number of different map posters, depending on who had created it or who would receive it, everyone’s tastes or the style chosen. It suddenly struck us: it’s so much more than a gift! So we decided that it was absolutely necessary to share the pleasure of having made this incredible discovery with the world. A single configurator for several different uses and an unlimited number of products. Showcase your achievements, improve or complete your interior design or offer it as a customer gift or to your loved ones, everything becomes possible.

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