Map Poster Running

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    Create your own map of the most beautiful running experiences!

    Who wouldn’t dream of being able to transpose their memories of the most important running event into a map poster? It will always be there, against the wall of your living room, to remind you of the moment when you have surpassed yourself.

    A marathon, half-marathon or a run allows you to experience countless thrills including surpassing yourself and performance. Your body and mind are tested to achieve your goals. The relationship between body and mind has become very important in this type of sport. The memories and emotions generated are unforgettable and deserve to last over time. That’s why we suggest you build your won map. All you have to do is import your GPS track, choose a legend, map style, format and support. In a few moments, the map poster that traces your success will be ready to be delivered to your home.

    Make your own map that tracks your performances!

    Thanks to the configurator, you can make your own map and personalize it so that it fits perfectly into your decoration. If the style of your home is rather minimalist, you can choose a brightly colored map design to break the dark design. On the other hand, if your home is decorated in bright colors, you can choose a classic decorative map model to highlight it. Whatever your choice, your map will always be there to remind you of one of the best moments in your life.

    Running: a world apart

    You who started running a long time ago, you entered a circle of insiders. You are addicted to this sport that gradually transforms you, its benefits make you stronger every day. During competitions, the mere fact of surpassing yourself encourages you to continue and break your records. Tell the story of your life’s sporting performance by creating your own map poster and, every time you see it, you will feel the pride of seeing your performance improve with each race.