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Discover our inspirations for personalised map prints!

Are you lacking inspiration? MapDesign is here to nurture your creativity and provide you with inspiration for personalised map prints that will turn your adventures into wonderful memories. Are you looking for an idea for a world map poster? Looking for a world map decoration? Our posters and maps will seduce you and give a unique and special touch to your interior. Did you dream of it? We did it, we turned your dream into reality, what more can we say?

A modern personalised map gift?

Through our poster and map inspirations, you will discover bt ideas from cities, capitals, countries, ski resorts for the design part. For the outdoor part, we have put together posters of marathons, trails, running. Your personalized map print can be used as an interior decoration or as a trophy for your race or trail. As for your design poster, it can be a decoration map of the world of your entire living room. What do you think about redoing your interior design from a world map poster? Original, right?

No idea for your personalised map print? How to choose the ideal place

In order to find the perfect poster for you, start finding a place that has made a difference to you lately.

Your holidays, a romantic dinner, the place of your youth, the place of your wedding, a destination you dream of going to, your last marathon inspire you? Please note that all our posters and maps are customizable, you can take inspiration from one of our maps and then choose to select a new style for a poster idea. The ultimate goal is to obtain a beautiful modern map print of your memories / experiences / adventures.

Why not try creating a personalised map gift?

Are you looking for inspiration to illustrate your favourite country or the many places where you have won foot races? We suggest that you try to create a personalised map poster. You will be able to find all the countries you have visited and display your travels and adventures loud and clear. Opt for a world map decoration and display all your adventures in your living room. Your loved ones must be proud of you and we are convinced that they are happy to know about each of your new adventures. Tell them through your map print. It’s easy to transpose your memories and make them last over time.

Create your own personalised map print!

Our inspirations are there to present you with the countless possibilities to create personalised map prints of your adventures. A classic style for the design side and an outdoor summer style for the outdoor part? You have the possibility to create a world map decoration by choosing the modern poster that suits you best. So, what do you choose for your first order? More design or outdoor?