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    Discover our city map posters

    Are you going on vacation soon? In a city you don’t know yet? Get ready for an extraordinary experience! We offer you one of our city map posters to help you find your way around each city. Our city posters allow you to better target the places you want to go. Depending on the zoom of your city map you can see the streets and alleys that will guide you to your final destination. In addition, your city poster is easy to transport, take it as your travel guide and frame it when you return. You will be proud of all the places you have been able to visit thanks to your city map print! Your loved ones will be curious to discover how you can exploit new places and will be jealous of your city map poster. You have a new way to spend an unforgettable holiday and to be able to transcribe them into a unique and special object.

    Travel through your city map prints

    You couldn’t go on vacation this year? You dreamed of going to Miami, do it from your city map print! Strange? Well, no, we created a Miami map poster especially for you. The principle is to visit Miami from its city map, find according to the zoom the different districts of the city: Vamos Ă  la Playa, Street art, Bohemia and Tropical, Little Haiti and many others. Other people will take days to visit its popular districts, you will take a day. First do some research on each neighbourhood, then go to your map and place markers on favorite places for your next trip. One day you may have the chance to visit one of the cities of the American dream. In that case, you’ll already have an idea of what’s waiting for you! In addition, your custom city map print is perfect to dress up your interior. Who would have thought that a poster and a city map would be a two-in-one object? Hurry up and order yours and share your latest discovery with others.

    Create a custom city poster for your interior decoration

    From your sofa, we offer you the opportunity to create a custom city map. Your favorite city, your hometown, your last adventure? Whatever the case, the most important thing is to be able to create a decorative object on the map of a city that is close to your heart. Then, you will have to geolocate the chosen city in our configurator, choose the colors and the legend. Finally, the format of your city map print and its support. Please note that depending on the type of support you choose, you will be able to display your city poster directly on your walls. In five steps you have created a unique and custom map poster of your favorite city!