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Find your location ?

Choose a place where you have had a strong emotional experience.


You can enter the name of a city or geolocate yourself at a specific location.


Import your GPS track ?

Import a GPS track and leave a visible footprint of your passage on the map.

Import your track

Import a .gpx GPS track and you’ll get the geographic area and your route on the map that you can customize later.

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Tell your story

The geographic coordinates of the chosen city will be listed by default. Alternatively, you can take advantage of this space to add a personalized message.

Add your image

You can download an image, the logo of your company for example, in .jpg, .png or .svg formats and weighing up to 8MB. The image will be placed relative to the text area you have chosen.

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Put your personal touch

Choose a map template ?

Predefined templates allow you to choose between card styles and then customize it to your image. Some are more suitable than others depending on the area of the world you want to see appear. For more advice it’s here!

Map margins

Color schemes ?

You can choose from our predefined color schemes or create one yourself using our color chart or by entering the hexadecimal color codes of your choice.

Map orientation

Text position

Font type

Color of the GPS track ?

You can change the color of your GPS track using our color chart or by entering the hexadecimal color code of your choice.

Choose the syle of the marker ?

  1. You can insert maximum X markers on your card. Enter the geographic coordinates of the point of interest, choose the design of the marker and its color using our color chart or by inserting the hexadecimal code of the color of your choice.

Add a marker

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Choose the print support ?

Choose the support that best suits your needs, they are all of superior quality. To see their specificities it’s here!

Map size ?

Choose from our formats the one that best suits your needs or the space dedicated to your new work.


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