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Embellish your offices with design posters

“So, how do we decorate the office?” A banal question that everyone asks themselves gives way to hours of discussion, trying to mix everyone’s tastes and adapt them to the professional environment. It is not easy for anyone. We all know that an office is a place where a lot of our time has been spent. This is why optimizing the visual aspect of it is essential in order to feel good. Unfortunately, the workspaces are often rented, so this generally leaves limited freedom to decorate them and the common spaces leave very little room for everyone’s imagination. There is a simple way to get everyone to agree, a design poster with a wall map of the world in your company’s colours, with your logo and a customizable message. The menu will represent the balance found between the tastes of each person and is very well integrated into premises used for professional purposes. It will finally be printed on a superior quality material with the finish of your choice. Its very modern appearance will add a trendy touch to your premises. Sober and elegant, your decorative design poster will add a personal touch to a place that can sometimes be lifeless. The same map can be modelled after the image of each employee and can even be a fun team building activity than designing them all together. Everyone has their own life, everyone has their own tastes, everyone has their own design map poster.

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Professional and unusual gift

Finding a gift is not an easy task, but finding a unique, customizable, original and professional gift that reflects your business is almost too much to ask for! And yet…. With our wall-mounted design posters, you can enjoy the luxury and comfort of not having to work too hard. A few clicks, a place, a message and you are off to make a gift of a souvenir. Your employees, customers and customers will be delighted to receive this special gift, which is perfectly suited to a professional environment and acts as a reminder of your sincere appreciation. Insert your logo where you want and choose the place (or even the places!) that best represents your memory of this collaboration. Be sure to satisfy them and you too. Our configurator has been specially designed for this purpose, to ensure that it is a gift that is as pleasing to offer as it is to receive and that its almost unlimited number of ways to modify the map will allow you to adapt the concept over the long term, to modify it according to the collaboration that took place without going through the research phase again. All this printed on the highest quality material with the finish of your choice, and will therefore be up to the standards of your business and field of activity.

Ultimate time saving

Intense brainstorming is normally at the heart of any idea search for a customer gift. It is, in fact, this one that will define your relationship with the person who receives it and it is exactly for this reason that the search for this type of gift can be a real headache, without forgetting that it takes up precious working time. Free your teams from this weight by using the builder we developed, so easy to use that you only need a few short minutes to create a map poster. Enjoy it, you can consider it as our gift just for you! So dare to please, let go, and no longer spend days thinking about this question “What about this year? What are we offering as a gift?”

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